What do my clients say?

Dear Mr. Stul

Thank you for the efficient session.

I was very impressed, how you guided me through this hour, with your questions, ideas, breaks, note-taking and referring back to them. Different aspects lead to an important picture and a very essential insight. So I got a tool, with which I am experimenting now swhen I realize that I am losing my center.

Again, thank you very much and best regards to you and your dog.

Good morning Mr. Stul

Thank to your yesterday’s meeting I have already had a very important success. Your coaching helped me, to control my feelings in a very difficult situation. I could just accept how it was and the situation did NOT escalate! The resources are available.

Best regards to you and Goldi the dog…..

Mr. Stul

I shall contact you again to call upon your valuable support.

Dear Mr. Stul

I have important feedback which I would like to give for your achievement. You have reminded me, that I am good, and shown me, how to get even better…. There has a lot been going on since last summer and I am sending you mail from my new workplace (….)

I have not only applied your suggestions in my own life but have also shared them with my fellow men….. So I also fulfill the second part of my promise, and you will soon have “referrals”… (…)

If I owe my being so successful to anyone then it is to Philip Stul! Within a few sessions, he always managed to guide me to the next steps, which were “waiting” for me. His support, his always being present, his unexpected inquiries after my being and doing anytime in the middle of a week have turned him from my coach into my most valuable adviser in business matters, who accompanies his clients even when there is no fixed appointment. It is nearly impossible to express my appreciation for all this, and I am very

Thank you very much for your goal-oriented support. Your way of working relates very well with me and I can recommend you very well!.


Dear Mr. Stul

After having taken the time, to test your input in daily living, I have noticed an exciting change. I do not “have to” anymore, but I just do. Where I used to have a “to-do” list, I now have a “have done” list! You have helped me to become a “man of action” instead of a “planer”. And I have had my first success with this. Yesterday I was invited for a job interview at (….) and got already invited for a “recall”!

Thank you very much for your excellent evaluation, and I’ll be back for another session. The first steps have made me hungry….

Dear Mr. Stul

Now about ten days have passed. And it is, again, as with the first time. I cannot say what is different, because the “new” is so logical and simple, that it is strange, that it has ever been different.

Dear Philip. Thank you for everything. I am fine and feel great…. (….)

The morning with you was absolutely fantastic, with an abundance of methods, a rich source of ongoing inspiration. I thank you so much!

Our last session has a very enduring impact. I have everything under control and remind myself, to stay consistent…..

Dear Philip, Thanks for the mail. At the moment I need more time. The good news is, it was much better with the couple that stresses me in the lessons. While they are having trouble it gives me the time to relax and check the yellow circle. I also am trying to measure the relaxation level with the couples. The best couples have the most relaxed situations.

This also lets me give my best information to them. They then get a better lesson. Please give me more time to practice this and I will contact you in the new year. Thanks, it has helped me a lot to realise that I am a mirror and I can decide what I show or not in my reaction.

I had two sessions with you in January and thought I wanted to report. Back then I did not know what to do and wanted to move into (….), and then I got fired. Anyhow, I could bring myself to start  training as (….). Now I am in the middle of the formation and content, that I did not choose the complicated way of going (….). I talked with another person who finished the training, and the session with you gave me the courage too, to register directly.

You gave me two key phrases for my “road”. Both are bout expectations: My expectation of a stressful future, and all the expectations that I await from the others….

(….) Besides that, I have hired three good people last year. For this process, you have encouraged me to be confident and not to make myself crazy with all the what-ifs and whens and buts….



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  • Banyer, Internationale Tanzsport Trainer
  • Berufs- und Fortbildungsfachschule, Bern
  • Dr. Eschmann Rechtsanwälte, Zürich
  • Fachhochschule Aargau (FHA), Brugg
  • Fahnott Design, Basel
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  • Rolic Technologies Ltd, Allschwil
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