Coaching and Dehypnosis – Ways to Freedom

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours. Illusions, by Richard Bach

What if … Reincarnation and Karma really existed?

How would this influence your decisions? In private? In business? What goals would you pursue? What would you change?

Do you want to act with integrity and from your heart?
Claim your natural birthright: health, wealth and happiness?

You will get excellent coaching, fast, efficient and elegant. Coaching face to face in Basel or on the phone or on Skype locally or internationally.
Short term interventions or long attendance and support.

My preferred setting, by the way, is coaching in a nice place, over a cup of coffee / tea / a glass of water, or having a coaching walk..

I am a very experienced and highly motivated coach. I work best with people who also acknowledge their right brain……. who are also open to unconventional thinking and interventions. People who dont shy away from spiritual aspects and are interested to live a fully self responsible life.

-> Why coaching?

-> What is the prerequisite for successful coaching?

Coaching in more detail:

In our coaching sessions we focus on achieving your goals. To this end, I will support you by initiating and eliciting change processes, and you will develop the urge and rediscover your nascent abilities to become who you truly are. Finally achieving and living your full potential, be it in the professional realm, in your personal life, or in sport, is often the result of the coaching process.

As a coach, I am trained to listen and observe….

We meet for one-on-one sessions, face to face, or by phone. Occasionally, I may ask you a few seemingly odd questions, thus eliciting new and creative thoughts and ideas. I am convinced that you already have all the resources and skills you will need to live a fulfilling life. My job is to assist you in activating and integrating your abilities, so you can access them at the appropriate moment.

I am based in Basel, Switzerland. My mother tongue is Swiss German and my English fluent, if you do not mind the occasional British accent…

Contact me and discover who you really are!

A feedback:

“Just wanted to thank you again for our last session! It was great! And I feel much better… more energy and power… I cannot say how much I thank you!!!!!” —> More references or a booking

Whom do I coach?

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