Exclusive 1-1 Coaching

Is it time to integrate the spiritual into your everyday life?

And/or do you want a way to access spirituality (again)?

  • from despair to joy
  • from tossing around to stability
  • from anger to serenity
  • from guilt to self-responsibility

With my exclusive 1-1 coaching, I can help you live your life in a meaningful and constructive way

As a very experienced coach, on the road since 1994, I can coach and counsel you on this journey, whether you do this alone, or with your partner or family. I will support you according to your needs.

I will answer your questions, and advise you to the best of my knowledge in the how-to.

For myself, I have found the miraculous power of forgiveness. In my experience, it is the perfect way to turn around a lot of interesting challenges.

In the beginning…. 

I grew up in a non-religious and non-spiritual way.
After a rather depressive phase in my middle to late teens and the early twenties, I started to access spirituality. With this, mental training and NLP, I created a new life for myself.

I lost, or at least I thought so, my spirituality and fell into a disagreeable depression some time ago. I slowly regained more stability and finally experienced a lot of healing after about 10 years. I have found a new and improved way of living my spirituality end to enjoy my life again.

Does anything of this ring a bell? Do you feel, that I might be the right coach and counsellor for you?

With my exclusive 1:1 coaching, I can help you live your life in a meaningful and constructive way.

No groups, no videos, no canned webinars.

Many things go better with a coach.
I have the corresponding practical experience.

If you life feels empty, meaningless, after all, it is rather difficult to enjoy it.

To live meaningful relationships, to thrive in intimacy, to live your playfulness and to go forward with full energy, is challenging.

Have you tried to change anything? And despite your knowledge, the books, the good advice, you just don’t get anywhere? And you suspect that even the next book will not help?

How about experiencing something new under the motivating guidance of an experienced coach? To enjoy a truly meaningful and joyful life again?

I will support you to develop and try out different behaviours and achieve new, perhaps quite amazing results. Build fresh quality of life and feel that what you do and how you are is meaningful.

Are you ready to engage in this process with high motivation?

As a very experienced and highly motivated coach with the perfect tools, sometimes also exciting exotic methods, I support you individually in achieving your goals and accompany you on your way to freedom.

for introductory conversation to find out, whether we want to work together.