When I was 8 years old, my father committed suicide. Have you also lost someone to suicide? Do you feel abandoned, angry, sad or even guilty?
With my exclusive coaching I will help you to regain your zest for life.

  • from despair to joy of life
  • from tossing about to stability
  • from anger to serenity
  • from feelings of guilt to self-responsibility

With my exclusive 1-1 coaching I offer you companionship and mentoring and help you back into a joyful life.

When someone close and important to you commits suicide, it can turn your life upside down. It is one of the most challenging experiences that can call many things into question and may require some redefinition.

If you still have little or no access to your happy side, your warmth, your fun, your joy, your playfulness and are not yet free again inside, then your life is incomplete.
Your life energy, your joy of life is suppressed.

Close relationships can also be difficult.
There can be a lack of intimacy, of enjoying the good moments.

They feel a lack, a constant oppressiveness.

Have you already tried to change something? And despite your knowledge, the books, the good advice, you just don’t get anywhere? And you suspect that the next book won’t help either?

Through my biography, the subject of suicide became a thoroughly formative topic that I had to deal with intensively.
I succeeded in detaching myself from the constricting, hindering feelings and becoming free again.

I am happy to accompany you on the path of healing so that you can regain access to your good feelings, your aliveness, in order to be able to live your full strength and heartiness.

Many things go better with a coach.
I have the relevant practical experience.

I offer you an exclusive and personal 1-1 coaching.

No groups, no videos, no canned webinars..

How about experiencing something new under the motivating guidance of an experienced coach? To enjoy a truly meaningful and joyful life again?

Would you like to get out of the cycle of sadness and anger and start a new phase of life? It is never too late, you can step in at any time.

I will support you to develop and try out different behaviours and achieve new, perhaps quite amazing results. Build fresh quality of life and feel that what you do and how you are is meaningful.

Are you ready to engage in this process with high motivation?

As a very experienced and highly motivated coach with the perfect tools, sometimes also exciting exotic methods, I support you individually in achieving your goals and accompany you on your way to freedom.

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