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Why I am not a coach

But why do I write that in my profile? Why do I describe myself like that? Hmmm? Good question… Well, it’s like this:


Feedback is useless

Really? The other day I read that feedback only works when it hurts.


The intolerability of the mirror

The – C – a divide that separates the community confronts us with exciting things. What is the difference between people on the two sides? What does an MIT study say about it?


Hypnosis? An ingenious business model?

A completely fictitious example: A company manufactures a product. It creates a huge demand for it using excellent, hypnotic propaganda. So that it may and must bring this product untested on the market.
Is it possible to do such a thing with hypnosis? Is it allowed at all?



How exactly is it with this karma? The matter came up through a post on LinkedIn
The question was whether it is the instigators or the performers who reap worse or more bad karma?


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