So…….. I will never “try” to sell you my services as a coach.

I never apply a script, NLP, hypnosis, or any of the usual methods of selling.

I love to coach. I just don’t like to sell.

We will talk or write and then decide.

I’m completely open about it, with no covert techniques.

If we’re a good fit, yes, please. If we don’t fit, no thank you.

How do we know that we fit together?
We find each other interesting, likable, “attractive.”

When we talk about pricing, you may learn three things:

● How valuable do you consider yourself to be?
● What is your relationship to money?
● How valuable do I, your potential coach, value myself and my services?

I only offer high-value coaching.

And, I do not reveal my prices only after I’ve talked to you about this or that in a specific sequence, again following a highly effective script.

The prices are stated quite openly on my website.

So if you are considering working with me, feel free to ask me what you need to know to decide. Email me, call me, whatever is convenient for you.

I always look forward to meeting new, fascinating people.


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