The intolerability of the mirror

The – C – a divide that separates the community confronts us with exciting things. What is the difference between people on the two sides? What does an MIT study say about it?

After all, an MIT study showed that there are very similar beings on both sides. There are highly educated, well-trained academics on both sides who research carefully and often from the same sources. And come to different results and conclusions. 

The unbearable thing about this is the mirror. 

If she is so much like me, then surely she must, must, must come to the same conclusions!!!! 

If that is not the case if someone who is so much like me comes to outrageous results and acts accordingly, what does that say about myself?

And then it can become unbearable………

Would you like to get to the bottom of your deep-rooted programmes and patterns? And to decide whether you want to continue to be controlled by them?

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