Quantum Leap in 3 Months: Your Path to Continuous Growth and Success

Welcome to my Coaching Services

Embark on a three-month journey of transformation with our premium coaching program. Tailored for ambitious people, executives and high-profile professionals, this program offers deep, sustained change and ongoing support If you have the financial means and are willing to continuously work on your mental and spiritual development, this program is perfect for you.

Optimistic and Encouraging Approach

With a positive and motivating approach, I help you break through your inner blocks and discover new horizons. Your successes will be celebrated, and challenges turned into opportunities.

This comprehensive program is ideal for individuals committed to long-term growth and sustainable change. Here’s an expanded overview:

Program Structure for your Quantum Leap in 3 Months

  • Thrice-Weekly One-Hour Sessions:
    Engage in intensive one-on-one sessions three times a week, allowing for continuous progress toward your goals.
  • Daily Accessibility :
    Between sessions, benefit from brief phone consultations or similar support to maintain momentum.
  • Optimistic and Constructive Approach:
    With a positive and motivating approach, I help you unlock your inner blockages and discover new horizons. Your successes are celebrated, and challenges are transformed into opportunities.
  • Customized Coaching:
    Each session is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring targeted support for your personal and professional development.

Expected Outcomes

  • Career Advancement: Receive guidance to achieve significant professional milestones.
  • Spiritual Grounding: Establish a profound sense of inner peace and spiritual awareness.
  • Personal Development: Break through personal limitations and cultivate new strengths.
  • Work-Life Balance: Learn to balance professional and personal life effectively.
  • Emotional Resilience: Deep emotional resilience building for Personal Transformation.

Your Journey with Me

Each coaching session, whether virtual from anywhere in the world or in Basel, is customized to your unique needs and goals. You will receive the exact support you need to realize your visions. I employ a combination of proven techniques such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), mental training, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), hypnosis, affirmations, and specific forms of meditation. These methods empower you to attain clarity and make meaningful behavioral changes in your personal life and spiritual journey.

Client Testimonials

  • “Dear Philip, I find you to be very intelligent and empathetic, I will definitely recommend you.”
  • “Thanks to your analytical and emotional intelligence, I have efficiently found my way back to inner peace, allowing me to move mountains.”
  • “Thank you for your crisis intervention. I have gone from 10% vitality to 80-95% and am thrilled.”
  • “Thanks to your analytical and emotional intelligence, I efficiently found my way back to inner peace, allowing me to move mountains.”
  • “The coaching has done me extremely well! I am amazed at how quickly the positive change set in.”
  • “Your focused support impressed me. Your questions and methodology helped me gain essential insights.”
  • “Your coaching helped me control myself in an extremely difficult situation. The resources are now ready for use.”
  • “I will contact you again and take advantage of your valuable support.”
  • “You reminded me that I am good and showed me ways to become even better.”
  • “In short individual sessions, you always manage to quickly guide me to the steps that await me.”
  • “Thanks to you, I have found a new approach to my tasks and feel great.”
  • “The coaching has been extremely beneficial to me! I’m amazed at how quickly the positive change occurred.”

Investment: CHF 12,000 (including 8.1% Swiss VAT)

This three-month program is an investment in your personal and spiritual development. The price reflects the high value and intensive support you will receive throughout the entire period.

Ready for your Personal breakthrough?

Reach out today for a free initial consultation and embark on your journey to personal and professional excellence. Let’s use the next three months together to unlock your full potential and create lasting change.

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