Hypnosis – Dehypnosis

What if what you call your character was simply a collection of suggestions controlling your behavior?

Would you like to finally be free?

From these suggestions you have been fed all your life?

First from parents, or their surrogates.
Then at school. From your peers and colleagues.
Through advertising, movies, Netflix, TV, song lyrics, politics.
Through partners, at university, at work.

And last but not least, by yourself. Because at some point you take the work off the others, and repeat these suggestions internally, constantly and over and over again, in incessant self-talk. The more often you hear / repeat a suggestion again, the stronger it becomes.

It does not matter in the least whether these suggestions are completely harebrained, unreal or true. The only thing that matters is whether you, your unconscious, believes them to be true and correct. That is all.

The more often a suggestion is repeated and the better it is associated with emotions, fears, hopes or desires, the better it works.

Suggestions work – Every communication is also a suggestion.

And quite currently, this is happening in politics. A fascinating example of first-class hypnosis.

Have you had enough?
Would you like to finally become free?
To become who you really are?
To no longer simply fulfill the programs of others, but to be yourself?

If you are highly motivated, I will be happy to support you on your way. I cannot do it for you. But, I can be your first class companion.

I have been working as a coach since 1994.

The methods I like to use are mainly hypnotic elements of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and elements of the
family constellation.

We work together while walking, in a coffee house, via Skype etc., in my practice, depending on the topic and procedure.

Your investment for 3 hours Dehypno-Intensive
is CHF 1490 incl. VAT (Switzerland)

You are welcome to have a free preliminary conversation of 20 minutes with me.

Do not wait any longer! Contact me now!