Hypnosis? An ingenious business model?

A completely fictitious example: A company manufactures a product. It creates a huge demand for it using excellent, hypnotic propaganda. So that it may and must bring this product untested on the market.

It delivers the promised benefit only minimally and sometimes even causes severe damage. And now the stroke of genius: the product has no or only a weak effect? So you need more of it! 

Does it harm?  This can’t be, because you need it so badly.

As absurd as these statements seem, the plan works. Why? Because the whole strategy was prepared with professional communication at the highest level.

What does this have to do with hypnosis? 

Every communication is a hypnotic suggestion.
Joking? No, I am not.

The more often it is repeated, the better the suggestion works.
E.g. advertising, election, and government propaganda, etc. E.g., the fictitious company in question would run advertisements for its product on television 24/7 in a certain country. 24/7……

But no, I would notice that!

Yeah, you think so? Ever heard of the subconscious? 

No? Really? Ahhhhhhhh… It is precisely those who think they can control themselves completely with their consciousness and always act completely rationally, who are the best victims. They don’t even know that it would work on them and therefore remain completely oblivious.  Ergo, the ideal victims!

That is the be-all and end-all of such suggestive communication. 

To use it in such a way that people don’t even notice it. 

And the more it works, the more vehemently people will deny it. Wonderful..

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