Coaching and Hypnosis

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours. 

Illusions, by Richard Bach

Try a mindgame: what if … Reincarnation and Karma really existed?

What would become possible?

What if what you call your character is simply a collection of hypnotic suggestions that guide your behaviour?

What influence would that have on their decisions?
Would you like to be free at last from these suggestions you have been fed all your life?

First from parents, grandparents, or their substitutes. Then at school. From your peers and colleagues. Through advertising, movies, Netflix, TV, song lyrics, politics. Through partners, at college, at work.

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Hypnosis? Uhhhhhhh…..

No, no show hypnosis, not like on stage, and I can not control you remotely. BUT … aha now it comes … you hypnotize yourself all day with your self-talk…

Because at some point you take the work off the others and repeat these suggestions inwardly, constantly, and over and over again. In incessant self-talk. The more often you hear/repeat a suggestion again, the stronger it becomes. Yes, that’s right, it works that simple… Just like in advertising. There you will also find these eternal repetitions.

It does not matter in the least……

whether these suggestions are completely outrageous, unreal or true. The only thing that matters is whether you, your unconscious, believe them to be true and right. That’s all.

The more often a suggestion is repeated and the better it is associated with emotions, fears, hopes, or desires, the better it works.

Suggestions work

Every communication is also a suggestion. Exactly! That’s why I’m writing this again now: Every communication is also a suggestion.

And quite currently this is happening in politics. A fascinating example of first-class hypnosis.

Is that enough for you?
Would you like to finally become free?
To become who you are?
To no longer simply fulfill the programs of others, but to be yourself?

I coach you efficiently, boldly, and unproblematically.

Both are possible: short interventions with lasting effects and longer-lasting coaching for decisive changes and in challenging situations. You will receive excellent coaching, fast, efficient, and elegant.

As a very experienced and highly motivated coach, I only work with people who accept that their brain also has a right half. They know about their feelings and are also ready to give them an important place.

Coaching is possible on the phone, Skype, Zoom, and equally in person.
My favorite “setting” is in a good place, over a cup of coffee or tea, mineral water, or on a coaching walk.
It is also possible in my practice in Base
l, at the airport, or in your company.

If you are highly motivated, I will be happy to support you on your way.

I cannot do it for you. But, I can be your first-class companion.

I have been working as a coach since 1994, with great pleasure, interest, and success.

The methods I like to use are mainly NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and elements of family constellations. The methods I find most efficient and fun.

We do it together while walking, in a coffee house, on the phone, via Skype, Zoom, etc., or in my office, depending on the topic and approach.

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