Coaching in Basel- face to face – on Skype – on the phone ETC.

I have the know-how to help you with the
next steps of your evolution

I like to think and work unconventionally.
Working as a coach since 1994 I have had some experience with unusual concerns, also with special ways and solution processes.
Much is possible.

We do this together on a walk, in a coffee house, on the phone, via Skype, Zoom, etc., or in my practice, depending on the topic and approach.

Contact me:
or: +41 79 211 3 500

Coaching, so you do not invest your energy in problems, but in solutions!

If I have someone to thank for the fact that I am very successful, it is Philip Stul. Within short individual sessions, he always manages to quickly guide me to the next steps that are waiting for me. His support, his constant presence, his unexpected inquiries in the middle of the week about my status and well-being have turned him from a coach into my most valuable advisor in business matters, who accompanies his clients even when no appointment is currently scheduled. It is almost impossible to express appreciation for all this, but it fills me with deep gratitude.

a customer

Coaching in Basel

My favourite “setting” is in a good place, with a cup of coffee or tea, with mineral water, or on a Coaching walk.

You are welcome to come to my practice in Basel for a relaxed and constructive coaching session.

It is very centrally located and very well “connected” by public transport (bus 30/34, tram 3 to the university stop).

It has some hotels and parking garages nearby and it is easily accessible from all three train stations and also from the airport.

Coaching on Skype, on the Phone, on zoom

Would you like to have ongoing attendance and support from your coach on the telephone? Are you tired of the “loneliness at the top” and looking for a dialogue partner who is available more often than not?

Would you like the possibility to talk to your coach often and easily on the phone to get some feedback and support?

Do you prefer the simplicity of arranging telephone calls to the time and effort it takes to fix a face-to-face meeting?

And of course, you can meet me in person here in Basel.

….before booking your phone coaching sessions….
Call me! - Philip Stul

Contact me:
or: +41 79 211 3 500