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A useful hint….

Had one? A dysfunctional family/childhood I mean? You are not alone, definitely. Sometimes I try to find out, how many people I know, who had a so-called completely normal childhood….

Maybe it’s one of the criteria, according to which I select my circle of more interesting humans? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Intellectually, I can understand, how someone can tell me about being good friends with her mother and father. Or at least just having them… at the age of 40.

40? Emotionally, that’s completely outlandish for me.

I haven’t had a father since I was 8. Tragic? Possibly. Normal? Absolutely, for me. I don’t know anything else. So, how could I miss something unknown to me?


Strange? Yes. Does it give me trouble? Let’s say there were also quite a few other components in this childhood and youth of mine, which I could call, hmmmm ok, let’s just call them intriguing.

Yes, and some of these elements I am still expressing in this process, which we usually call “personality”. And sometimes, that can be quite bothersome, to say the east.

And here’s a helpful hint. Sometimes, when you feel distressed about this, try a very weird thing: forgive yourself for your past.

WHAT??? Yes, I know you were a victim, etc. of course. Just, if some highly intelligent part of you is ready for just a tiny and very useful change, try it: forgive yourself for your past.

And…. let me know how this went!


Do you know this situation? You are successful, everything is going well and of course you have no weaknesses. You know yourself totally well, know everything about yourself. And things, qualities, reactions that you have that you are not even aware of? You have no blind spots at all. None at all. Never! You don’t. No, njet, no! Not you!

Maybe others, but not you.

Well, then…

But if, in weak (?) moments, doubts sometimes arise, we could also call it wisdom?
What then?

If there might also be behaviour that you would like to change, but which you cannot admit because…. Exactly!
Or maybe you suspect that there might be something there????

Be weak enough to be really strong.

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