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Any ideas yet? Let’s try something, here and now, just for a momentβ€¦βœ¨

Think about something significant in your life that you would like to change πŸ€”

E.g. easier access to certain feelings? Or what else comes to mind? πŸ˜‡

Now, find the smallest element possible.
Maybe you need to write a few things down to get an overview to decide on something? Or do you have a useful and specific idea right away? πŸ™Œ

Now take this element and look at it from all sides, in your own, personal way, just let this happen spontaneously. πŸ‘

And then, let it evolve, on its own, into something more highly developed, that looks appropriate to your reset…. 😎

As the next step, perceive how this new element somehow guides you, shows or tells you to take the first steps, to manifest it. πŸ™

Just for now, simply trust the process, your intuition, let yourself be surprised by what occurs.


I am very much looking forward to learning about your experiences!