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One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to influence our states, to direct them.

Am I not the originator of my feelings?
Or is it other people and circumstances that are directing my feelings?
Am I completely helplessly exposed to it?
Or, is it perhaps simply some habits?
We have trained ourselves to react to certain circumstances and influences in a certain way. And we are convinced that this is “normal”. It has to be that way. You would react the same in my situation, etc…..

If you feel like trying something new, take me up on my offer. Let this video lead you into a short and pleasant relaxation. And in doing so, simply perceive what would be possible…

By the way, I produced this relaxation sequence on the fly. Someone in my network is facing a challenge right now and I think it could be useful to him.

And not just to him…. 😎

By the way, if you feel like doing more like this, get in touch with me: ⇾ + 41 79 211 3 500