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From Conflict to Connection: Embracing Our True Nature

In a world designed for peace and love, it’s perplexing to see how often we, as humans, find ourselves embroiled in conflict. Reflecting on this, I realize that our pride in conflicts often stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of our true nature and purpose.

At the core of our existence, we are meant to live in harmony. Our hearts yearn for connection, compassion, and understanding. Yet, we frequently take pride in our disputes, viewing them as victories or necessary battles. Why? Because conflicts can provide a temporary sense of validation, power, and identity. They make us feel significant in a world where we often struggle to find our place.

However, this pride is a mirage. It distracts us from the deeper truth that our greatest strength lies not in our ability to dominate or outwit others, but in our capacity to love and understand. Conflict arises from fear and misunderstanding, while peace and love stem from courage and clarity. When we engage in conflicts, we are often masking our insecurities and fears, rather than addressing them.

As a spiritually oriented coach, I encourage us all to look beyond the immediate gratification of winning an argument or proving a point. True fulfillment comes from fostering connections and building bridges. It comes from embracing our shared humanity and recognizing that every individual we encounter is a mirror reflecting our own potential for love and compassion.

Let’s take a moment to shift our perspective. Instead of taking pride in our conflicts, let’s celebrate our ability to resolve them. Instead of valuing victories over others, let’s value victories over our own egos. Let’s be proud of our capacity for empathy, our willingness to listen, and our commitment to peace.

By doing so, we honor our true nature and pave the way for a world where love, understanding, and harmony are not just ideals, but lived realities. Let’s embrace our shared journey towards peace, and let that be the legacy we leave for future generations.

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πŸ€” And careful, there are different ways of doing that. One way is very seductive and ends badly. Badly? Yes, it does.πŸ™ˆ

When you think you are the best, and all the others are scum, for example. You know you are great but all the others are not. 😱
That’s what I mean. This does not end well. How do I know that?
In this day and age we know a lot of what happens, in the end.. ask me if you want to know more… πŸ‘€

So the better way is to treat oneself with compassion. Also, the others of course, but let’s start with yourself.

Which proves to be quite difficult, sometimes.
It means, that whatever you do, you forgive yourself. From your heart. Completely. And, of course, try to do a lot better next time. ❀️

So, compassion, patience, and being able to act from your heart.

How about doing a little test right now?

Remember something you did, which you consider awful. Got something? πŸ€”

Ok. So now, see this you, who did that, over there, in front of you, in your mind’s eye. And go over there, take that part of yourself in your arms and forgive. Completely. From your heart, and accept any emotion that comes up. β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ

Sounds strange? Good. Be tough, be a grown-up, and… just do it. Repeat daily. Be surprised at how much better you are going to feel in a few weeks. πŸ˜‡ πŸ₯°

Let me know what happens, please!