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If you are looking for a sales coach, yes, of course.
I would need to catch you with some state-of-the-art hard-core-selling, lots of clever ruses, pushing your pain points, invitations, steps to follow, honey for bees, sales funnels, etcβ€¦πŸŒΉ

Only… I AM NO A SALES COACH!! What? No! 😱


Imagine, I attack you in the street, kick you in the belly, knock you out with an uppercut. Afterward, I introduce myself: “Hi, nice to meet you, I am your coach for peaceful communication”. Not very congruent, isn’t it.

So what am I supposed to do? Soul you coaching? Mind you coaching? πŸ‘€

Exactly….. So what are we going to do? πŸ₯Έ

What do you need to know, to acknowledge your need for coaching?
And, once you have done that, how do you decide, whom to choose? πŸ‘

Exactly. You decide. You have the ability. Not only that, but you have intuition. You know how. Maybe not consciously, yet, but subconsciously, yes, of course, certainly.πŸ˜‡

For example, you could create an intention by saying to yourself:
“Within 3 days I am going to know with certainty, whether this is the right time for coaching and I will also precisely know what kind.”
Be open for signs, hints, even or especially from unexpected sources.
And see what happens. You will be astonished. In a very good way! πŸ€“

It’s a big step sometimes, I know. The risk of detecting “better sides” of yourself. Not being willing or able to go back to being the “old you”.
What are your friends going to say? Your partner? Your close ones? πŸ€”

Imagine becoming more “conscious”, to start “waking up”.
And possibly changing your circle of friends?

Or not wanting to tolerate certain behaviors around you anymore?
Being bored with certain topics, with a certain way of life. πŸ™ˆ

No, I am not selling you my coaching. I am warning you. Coaching works.
Coaching can be life-changing. Irreversibly. ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

So think well before deciding. Once you are clear and courageous enough, go for it. 🀩 🀩 🀩


πŸ€” And careful, there are different ways of doing that. One way is very seductive and ends badly. Badly? Yes, it does.πŸ™ˆ

When you think you are the best, and all the others are scum, for example. You know you are great but all the others are not. 😱
That’s what I mean. This does not end well. How do I know that?
In this day and age we know a lot of what happens, in the end.. ask me if you want to know more… πŸ‘€

So the better way is to treat oneself with compassion. Also, the others of course, but let’s start with yourself.

Which proves to be quite difficult, sometimes.
It means, that whatever you do, you forgive yourself. From your heart. Completely. And, of course, try to do a lot better next time. ❀️

So, compassion, patience, and being able to act from your heart.

How about doing a little test right now?

Remember something you did, which you consider awful. Got something? πŸ€”

Ok. So now, see this you, who did that, over there, in front of you, in your mind’s eye. And go over there, take that part of yourself in your arms and forgive. Completely. From your heart, and accept any emotion that comes up. β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ

Sounds strange? Good. Be tough, be a grown-up, and… just do it. Repeat daily. Be surprised at how much better you are going to feel in a few weeks. πŸ˜‡ πŸ₯°

Let me know what happens, please!


Any ideas yet? Let’s try something, here and now, just for a momentβ€¦βœ¨

Think about something significant in your life that you would like to change πŸ€”

E.g. easier access to certain feelings? Or what else comes to mind? πŸ˜‡

Now, find the smallest element possible.
Maybe you need to write a few things down to get an overview to decide on something? Or do you have a useful and specific idea right away? πŸ™Œ

Now take this element and look at it from all sides, in your own, personal way, just let this happen spontaneously. πŸ‘

And then, let it evolve, on its own, into something more highly developed, that looks appropriate to your reset…. 😎

As the next step, perceive how this new element somehow guides you, shows or tells you to take the first steps, to manifest it. πŸ™

Just for now, simply trust the process, your intuition, let yourself be surprised by what occurs.


I am very much looking forward to learning about your experiences!


And is that always for your own good?

Today I want to tell you about complex equivalents.
I give you a well-known example: “time is money”.

If you think about this carefully and picture both terms, you realize, that it’s simply not true.

Time is time, money is money. You can put them in a relationship if you want to. But they are NOT equal.

So what do others want, when they tell you this and similar familiar things? What are their intentions?

● What mood do they want to put you in?
● What do they want you to think?
● How do they want you to act?
● And, maybe more important, what do they want you Not to
think, Not to realize, NOT to do?
● (Why)Do they want you to have Tunnel vision?
● What behaviour do they want to manipulate you into?

THINK about that! It’s a very simple and seductive way to exploit others. We fall for it quite easily, because it’s a habit, part of our daily unconscious thinking and acting.

So START being awake, START being present, START being conscious! Today. Here. Now.

As soon as someone tells you that “a = b”, for example,
this and that is your enemy, STOP! THINK!

Picture the two concepts.

  • Is this true?
  • Are the two pictures identical?
  • And if yes, have they already been identical, before
    others started you telling that they are?
  • What would you lose, by not playing along?
  • What could you gain, by being consciously aware of the differences, the individual properties?

If this resonates with you, you might also consider stopping doing this to other people… Help them to get used to not being manipulated so easily.

Is this useful for you? Does this make you think?
Please let me know about your reactions to this train of thought!


So…….. I will never “try” to sell you my services as a coach.

I never apply a script, NLP, hypnosis, or any of the usual methods of selling.

I love to coach. I just don’t like to sell.

We will talk or write and then decide.

I’m completely open about it, with no covert techniques.

If we’re a good fit, yes, please. If we don’t fit, no thank you.

How do we know that we fit together?
We find each other interesting, likable, “attractive.”

When we talk about pricing, you may learn three things:

● How valuable do you consider yourself to be?
● What is your relationship to money?
● How valuable do I, your potential coach, value myself and my services?

I only offer high-value coaching.

And, I do not reveal my prices only after I’ve talked to you about this or that in a specific sequence, again following a highly effective script.

The prices are stated quite openly on my website.

So if you are considering working with me, feel free to ask me what you need to know to decide. Email me, call me, whatever is convenient for you.

I always look forward to meeting new, fascinating people.