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Quite possibly, you may be annoyed by some of my statements here. Just, maybe a reason to think about it instead of just dismissing these ideas? Because there is a lot of good and useful development possible in shadow work.

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Do you know this situation? You are successful, everything is going well and of course you have no weaknesses. You know yourself totally well, know everything about yourself. And things, qualities, reactions that you have that you are not even aware of? You have no blind spots at all. None at all. Never! You don’t. No, njet, no! Not you!

Maybe others, but not you.

Well, then…

But if, in weak (?) moments, doubts sometimes arise, we could also call it wisdom?
What then?

If there might also be behaviour that you would like to change, but which you cannot admit because…. Exactly!
Or maybe you suspect that there might be something there????

Be weak enough to be really strong.

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Life is better with a coach

The path into the light – what does that mean?

The path into the light can have many meanings.

Emotionally, perhaps, from depressed to a state where things become possible again.

Mentally, from not knowing any more to a high level of creativity and desire to create.

Physically, for example, to engage happily and openly in a dying process.

Spiritually, it could be a path to active charity, a life that expresses high ethical principles.

And more importantly, what does it mean for you? Would now or soon perhaps be the moment for you to get more clarity on this?

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Life is better with a coach

The path into the light
The path into the light



One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to influence our states, to direct them.

Am I not the originator of my feelings?
Or is it other people and circumstances that are directing my feelings?
Am I completely helplessly exposed to it?
Or, is it perhaps simply some habits?
We have trained ourselves to react to certain circumstances and influences in a certain way. And we are convinced that this is “normal”. It has to be that way. You would react the same in my situation, etc…..

If you feel like trying something new, take me up on my offer. Let this video lead you into a short and pleasant relaxation. And in doing so, simply perceive what would be possible…

By the way, I produced this relaxation sequence on the fly. Someone in my network is facing a challenge right now and I think it could be useful to him.

And not just to him…. 😎

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Why I am not a Coach

But why do I write that on my pages? 

Why do I describe myself like that? Hmmm? Good question… Well, it’s like this:

Coaching is something I do, not something I am.

The difference? Do you know the logical levels according to Dilts? No?

Ok. When I state I AM a coach, I am saying something about my identity. And? I am not what I do…

There is a custom that when someone joins a religion or a sect for that matter, that person also takes on a new name. Why?

I will go further. Don’t worry, on the one hand, I’ll get to the point, on the other hand, I’m all in. 

Let’s say you live with a dog. When you teach this animal to live with you and in your environment, you may sometimes say “no.” And very, very, very firmly important is not to say its name to that. 

So N O T: “NO Albert”, but simply “no”. 

So that the animal does not associate his name with something unpleasant. Otherwise, his name becomes an “anchor”, a link with unpleasant feelings. And the more often you repeat it, the stronger the link becomes. A neural link. Hardwired. And the same thing happens with human beings.

In other words, your name is an anchor for all the things other people have said and written about you. And, of course, what you have thought and said about yourself. And the more emotions are or were linked to these statements, the stronger the link. 

That’s why the strategy of changing names can be enormously constructive. 

And just, I am not a coach. Coaching is something I do. And what I do I can change, who I am is rather fixed. 

I am not Philip Stul. That’s the name I go by, at least so far, in this life. But, it does not define my being, my identity.

My being is significantly broader than my name and vocation.

What do you associate with your name? What kinds of outside communication do you allow? How do you talk to yourself? What feelings do you trigger in yourself about yourself? How often do you do this? Are you aware of it? Are you aware of the consequences?

And do you know that you can change the neuronal pathways again?