About Me

Death means to change our clothes. Clothes become old, then comes the time of change. So this body becomes old, and then the time comes to take a young body. Quote by the Dalai Lama

What is behind it all? What do we live for? What is a meaningful life?

In this life, in this body, these questions and issues have never let me go. Even as a young person, many of my conversations were counseling sessions. I enjoyed it. And I was good at it. Because in the end, it was always about these questions, which simply always move me, drive me!

Actually, I belong to a magical world and maybe I live in one….

I have always felt that way. That’s why I ended up learning mental training at some point, which opened up unimagined possibilities for me. And the NLP? Yes, the NLP showed me partly how this mental magic worked. Hypnosis, an important part of NLP, and EFT are also methods that make great things possible.

That’s why I coach. With passion. And that since 1994, in German and English

It is simply exciting, fulfilling, and meant for me. It allows me to work creatively, spontaneously, unconventionally, and solution-oriented. And that does my soul good.

If you ask the Dalai Lama about the meaning of life, you will hear two words: “Be Happy”

Additionally, I have trained and coached many great people in communication, mental training, stress management, relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, time management, methodology, didactics, meditation, and much more.

I like to go for long walks in the city, to see and feel many things

and enjoy my daily espresso and occasionally a mildly spiced Indian meal. Food… mmmm! My canine companion awakens many beautiful feelings in me and reading is a passion. reference books, fantasy, in English of course….

In my former life in this body

I passed the Matura (high school diploma) and, for reasons that are difficult to explain to me, I was an ace in Latin. And have forgotten everything since.. 😉 After two semesters at the University of Basel, which was not for me, I started in 1979 for a longtime job (sales and management) in the travel industry. At the SSR, Swiss Student Travel. That was great because it was THE place to meet tons of exciting people! At that time I also traveled a lot, mostly to the Far East, especially to Bali.

The mental training (1986) led me in 1990 to NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). This training, with Ed and Maryann Reese in the USA, Franz Stowasser, Chris Hall, and others in Germany and Switzerland, I completed in 1994 with the trainer certificate of the Society of NLP, and in the same year, I started my own business as a coach and trainer. 

In December 2007 I got the title “Dipl. Erwachsenenbildner HF”.

My NLP Training

  • 1991 NLP-Practitioner (in German), with Franz Stowasser in Basel, Switzerland
  • 1992 NLP-Master Practitioner (in English) with Ed & Maryan Reese in Orlando, FLA, USA
  • 1994 Neurolinguistics of Hypnosis (in English), with Chris Hall, in Gresgen, Germany
  • 1994 NLP-Trainer (in English), with Chris Hall, in Gresgen, Germany

Ready for coaching? Or have you got interesting questions? Contact me!